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Khen Elimelech

I am a postdoctoral researcher and an instructor in the Department of Computer Science at Rice University (Houston, TX), where I work with Lydia Kavraki and Moshe Vardi.
I am also the Founder and President of the Rice University Postdoctoral Association (RPA).

I previously earned a Ph.D. from the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Program at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, under the supervision of Vadim Indelman, and a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics at Bar-Ilan University, Israel.
I am interested in developing autonomous robots that can robustly and efficiently perform cognitive tasks, such as planning, decision making, learning and generalizing from expereiences, and overcoming uncertainty.
More specifically, my recent projects revolve around:
  • Dynamic abstraction for Task And Motion Planning (TAMP)
  • Robotic skill learning, generalization, and transfer
  • Formal verification of learned controllers
  • Simplified decision making under uncertainty with formal guarantees
  • Exploiting graph structures for efficient planning in the belief space and active SLAM
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